Leaving Austin

When you live exactly where you want to, why would you ever leave? But it’s time.

Our dear friends, neighbors, and family sent us on our way with sweet goodbyes. Eleanor hand baked and iced (is that an acceptable short for “applied icing on”?) those cookies. And as my aircraft hurtles towards Iranian airspace, the cake’s wisdom is impeccable.

The kids and Jo still have a few days to go. They are frantically having sleep overs and soaking up the last bits of time with their friends.

After spending tonight at an airport hotel in Nairobi I’ll be looking at Kilimanjaro by tomorrow afternoon. I’ve heard the first view of the mountain is breathtaking. If my checked-in duffel bag doesn’t make the connection, instead of sight-seeing with Aaron I’ll be hitting the markets of Arusha! Kwa heri.

8 thoughts on “Leaving Austin

  1. Bon voyage my friend! What a wonderful adventure; your children will have the marvelous benefit of being students of life.


  2. Bon Voyage Arun, Jo, Vivian and Aaron. Do keep on posting – we want to know all about fantastic adventures. Have lots of fun. Definitely go to Bangkok & stay at my place.


  3. Looking forward to reading about this amazing adventure! We will miss you all and hope to catch up at some point on the journey. You know we are all living vicariously through you.


  4. You two are the coolest! Livin’ the dream!! Safe travel and I hope to catch up with you on the road.
    Deb xo


  5. Have a great and wonderful time on your travels around the world👍❤️🙏. So great you are doing this! Love to hear about your Adventures!!!


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