Leaving Serengeti

(This post is out of chronological order. I should have posted it around Aug 20th). After ten amazing days of safari in the Serengeti we finally drove up to the Kogatende airstrip on the edge of the Mara river after breakfast for our airplane trip back to Arusha.

The “departure lounge” of the airstrip is a melee of 4x4s. Here’s what it looks like.

An airplane taking off had to abort because some wildebeest wandered on to the airstrip. Two of the 4x4s had to drive down the dirt runway to shoo them off. There isn’t a control tower or any thing else besides the dirt strip and a guy with a clipboard. Just the basics.

I got to sit in the copilot’s seat. The pilot seemed only slightly older than Vivian. Unfortunately I can’t fly. Fortunately my expertise wasn’t needed.

We flew over the Serengeti and then portions of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. From about 8,000 feet up you can see the rounded fences made up of dried acacia branches that the Maasai use to corral their sheep and cattle. The land looks barren and moon-like from up here. But it’s teaming with life.

Here’s us landing at Arusha. The view from the cockpit (insert Bevis and Butthead style laughter heehee hee).

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