Our guides names are a constant reminder of how cultures differ. In Zimbabwe we met people with names like Reason, Memory, Given, Blessing, and Innocent. In Botswana we’ve met Sixteen, Four Four, Action, Bulldog, Tiny, Boxer, and T. T uses the first letter of his first name, Tshenyo. On the day he was born his village was ravaged by people from Zimbabwe. His mother named him Tshenyo, which means Vandalism in her language. Here are Jo and the kids with T and Boxer. Take a guess who’s who.

In Kenya, we met Amos who later admitted that his real name was Kura. One day back when he was a kid he was on a bus and he saw a cartoon out the window.

Who's there?
Amos who?
A mosquito

And that became his name – or at least his tourist name.

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