Why I liked coming back to Austin 

[This is a guest post from Evan. Evan makes a mind map of an idea or topic and then writes about it as a part of his schoolwork.]

Hello my name is Evan and I’m going to write about why I liked coming back to Austin. My family and I are going on a year long trip around the world, so I miss a lot of things that I’d usually have in Austin such as: friends, family, restaurants,and my house.

I especially miss my friends because my sister is 12 years old and my parents don’t want to play with me so I have no one to play with. I also really miss my relatives but I guess none of them live in Austin. I miss my house a lot and in my house I miss my room, and in my room I miss my bed. Speaking of places I miss, I really miss the Austin public library. I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY really really really miss a lot of the restaurants I ate at too. We visited Austin after about three months. While we were there I visited my friends for lunch at school. After that I also stayed for recess. We played a game that I had made up called Capture the Human, which I also really miss.

The reason I miss the library is because when we’re traveling books are to heavy and I’d have to buy them. I’m lonely because I have no one to play with. My mom and dad said that they’d try to play with me but it isn’t working. Those are the reasons I liked coming back to Austin.

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