Texas Again

The easiest way to get to South America from Japan is to fly through LAX or DFW. South American countries are increasingly aligning with China in terms of trade and tourism. But there are no direct flights from Asia to that continent. One reason is the distances involved. The Pacific Ocean is big. Tokyo to our destination Santiago is longer than the longest commercial flight service which runs between Singapore and Newark. So we picked to fly from Tokyo to DFW to Santiago. And when you’re that close to Austin, you take a break and visit friends and family.

We landed at DFW at sunrise and drove to Canyon Lake and visited Carol first. On Saturday we helped Nicolle and Michelle tear down some cabinets and walls as a part of their remodel. On Sunday Aaron came over with his kids and we had an almost full complement of Texas cousins in one place (except for Peyton who is at college who incidentally was born in Okinawa). There’s no internet at casa Canyon Lake so the kids had to entertain themselves. Vivian improved her sketching skills and Evan hung out with Cade (and they didn’t fight!).

Then we moved to our Airbnb in Rosedale and within hours had friends arriving with drinks (keeping it weird, they bought hard Kombucha). Evan’s calendar had a sleepover, two birthday parties, and a full day at school with his buddies. Vivian had two sleepovers planned. Jo had made plans for dinners, breakfasts, mani-pedis, workouts, and hanging out with friends. Which led Evan to observe “Daddy has no friends”. Boo hoo. Luckily, FT was visiting Austin on business and dropped by. And Alu and Michelle jetted in for 36 hours in Austin. So I managed to make it look like someone was glad I was back.

The sleepovers and parties must have been a blast because we didn’t see much of the kids. Evan went to his first paintball event and got a bruise on his ribs from a short range shot but had loads of fun. Vivian practically moved in with her friends. And then it was time to get back on the road again.

Meanwhile, Italy and Iran are having major coronavirus outbreaks and the little bug keeps spreading and doing its thing. It has arrived in America. We’re going to keep traveling unless we are boxed in by the disease. Here we are about to board at DFW.

Vivian took this photo of the morning sun over the mountains as we came in to land in Santiago about 10 hours later. Hola Chile!!

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