A Lone…

…ranger? …wolf? …some dove? …star? …ly hearts club band? The family went back to the White Wooden House yesterday after Thanksgiving. The moon is startlingly full and the color of butter. Later tonight there will be a partial lunar eclipse. One tiny planet’s shadow will soon fall on an even smaller object across a couple of hundred thousand miles of empty space for a few tens of minutes. Some members of a somewhat less-hairy two legged species of apes who inhabit the planet will look up at the skies in the middle of the night and get excited.

I enjoy being here alone. Perhaps because it is an option just like when I had a vegetarian lunch the other day, knowing there was bacon in the fridge for breakfast the next morning. Having established that I’m not a true loner, I’m going to admit that I’m not even really alone. They left Ouiser with me. Ouiser is not a loner. All day she played, ran, slept, ate, pooped, chewed, barked, rested, and most recently, farted, all never more than a few feet away from me. I took a break from my activity for the day – planting wildflower seeds – to take numerous photos and videos of Ouiser. I won’t share them all with you, but I will share some.

The kids have noticed that I more or less stopped taking pictures of them since we got the pets. What can I say? Ouiser is much better looking…

Speaking of being alone, here’s a thought. Imagine where no one interacts with anyone outside of their family for eight weeks (assume a worst case serial infection scenario of two weeks per person and a family size of four). Each family stays absolutely alone. So, no mingling at schools or hospitals or nursing homes or grocery stores or Amazon delivery or pharmacies or the police or gas stations or gyms or restaurants or bars or drivers license places or prisons or homeless shelters or hotels or cruise ships or airplanes or at football games or church or Sturgis or military bases or weddings or Kim Kardashian’s birthday party. Would the virus have disappeared from the human species by the end of those 8 weeks? I’m not saying this is practical. But I have questions. Can/could we do some version of this with more time thrown in for where people inevitably have to interact? And if my yard doesn’t look like this come spring, should I ask for a refund (native wildflower seeds are more expensive per pound that aged tenderloin steaks)?

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