Mostly Animal Pictures

Sometimes the kids sneak into the frame when I am taking pictures of the animals. Like this one where Ouiser was giving Zeus’ undercarriage a good sniff while Evan is holding him up to show how tall she is (we call her “Long Kitty”). Or when Ouiser pretends she is a lap dog. The kittens are no longer tiny. They roam the outside at will and mostly come in for the night. They don’t usually stay still long enough for photos unless they are sleeping – which they do a lot of.

Summer changed to Fall. Ouiser went for two weeks to sleep away training camp and came back amazingly trained. Jo went to Hawaii for a birthday and returned Covid-free but with no other obvious improvements unlike Ouiser. We got Jo a new set of wheels (to replace her Land Rover) and two kayaks and we went camping a couple of times. We carved pumpkins for Halloween and the kids did a bit of trick-or-treating while the parents socially distanced and imbibed Johnathan’s special cocktails. Evan dressed as a jawa and I was a tusken raider, and we made our own costumes. School is coming along. Vivian had in-person school till Thanksgiving and then her school shifted to online in anticipation of people behaving badly. Evan’s school is still one week on and one week off, alternating between in-person and online. They aren’t doing amazing shit, but they are keeping it together which is enough for Jo and me this year.

Vivian joined Gilbert’s Youth Gazelles – a running group at Town Lake headed by a runner and coach from Burundi. Sometimes I drop her off and walk the loop around the lake before picking her up. That means I take lots of photos of downtown and the lake. Yes – I am easily distracted.

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