Dog Park

Ouiser had friends. About 20 other neighborhood dogs. Some of them were named Fargo, Quigley, Daisy, Boss, Birdie, Jessie, Rex, Kody, Daphne, Oliver, Loui, Nala, and Scoop. The dogs met and played and socialized at school. Human children went to the same school during the day. But that was okay because Ouiser and her friends only came to school after the human school kids finished their school day. The best part of this school was that it was fenced which meant that neither the human children nor the dog parents could get lost.

The dogs ran around, chased each other, smelled their private parts, tried to pee on each other’s pee, ran after tennis balls, and occasionally humped each other – just another day at school. When they pooped their parents ran up and collected their feces in colorful doggie poop bags decorated with paw prints and dropped off the bags in the garbage bins. Parents used the school hose to fill a big five gallon plastic bucket with water that the dogs drank from when they got thirsty chasing each other. Ouiser loved going to school. She’d get ready and wait at the front door, pawing the door to remind Vivian that it was time. Vivian and her friends met on the street outside with their dogs and walked them all to the school every evening. After school Ouiser came back home tired but with a huge grin on her face. She ate dinner and then passed out on her bed with an enormous happy sigh. Good times.

Then one day human parents whose kids played on the swings on the other side of Ouiser’s school complained that Ouiser and her friends were running around without a leash. The school district sent their police who sheepishly told the dog parents that they needed to put their dogs on a leash. They sent the dog catcher from the city who looked even sheepisher and stayed outside on the street and spoke to the parents about taking their dogs to other city designated dog parks.

Now Ouiser doesn’t see her friends any more. But in a few years Vivian will be old enough to drive and then she and her friends can get together just like before with their dogs and drive just a few miles away to another neighborhood and Ouiser will be able to play with the dogs in a dog park there. Meanwhile, Ouiser thinks humans are fucking stupid. Not her parents, though.

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