Last week we celebrated Ouiser, Skittles and Zeus adopting us one year ago. Skittles disappeared over a month ago. We suspect she was picked up by someone. She is cute and friendly and was without a collar during a pandemic. I’m pretty sure she is leading a fantastic life somewhere. But dammit you lousy cat burglar.

Evan still sleeps in uncomfortable positions for hours when Zeus lays on top of him. To move would disturb Zeus. And Ouiser greets us all every morning and everytime we walk in through the front door like we are the best thing since bacon treats. A year into our expanded family experiment we couldn’t be more content.

Here are some photos of Ouiser (and Vivian) from our recent camping trip to Canyon Lake for Michelle’s 50th birthday and of Zeus who wasn’t invited to camp and of Skittles before she was kittynapped.

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