Spring Break in Austin

Depending on the order in which you read, this the first or the last of an unending Marvel-like sequence of spring break posts. So steel yourself for the journey or be thankful you’re at the end. Vicky and Brett and the kids spent a few days in Austin in the very thick of SWSX country – at the Austin Motel (with their famous accidental giant dick and balls sign) in the heart of SoCo. I never got my schedule coordinated with Jo’s properly so I missed out on most of that but I did walk up with Ouiser one afternoon and we spent a couple of entertaining hours with them at the outdoor patio of Gueros Taco Bar. Here are a couple of photos of Ouiser on the way there and back. The Pride+ flag is courtesy of the Austin Motel.

Ouiser was so tired that evening from walking and from the cumulative non-stop celebration of spring break that she literally tumbled on to my lap and feel into a deep deep sleep.

Speaking of deep sleep, our esteemed Fuckernor Abbott followed up his pervious abortion banning greatness with a precious act against families of trans children. Some weekend during spring break (I have clearly lost track), Vivian joined her friend and her friend’s dad to protest the exec order at the State Capitol.

A journalist from a much admired local publication of the highest standards got a great photo of Vivian’s friend’s dad and outed him as a member of the dreaded Pro-Trans Kids Mafia, y’all. It turns out yet again that when they need it, the conservatives crave a spot of big government. And no, all you CRT hating parents, you don’t know what is better for your kids. Let’s have the Fuckernor decide.

Segueing violently, I have two lovely pictures of Evan. He is changing so quickly, I’d like to put them down somewhere, even if right after the photo of the dreaded Pro-Trans Kids Mafia. And that’s all for now, folks.

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