Spring Break in SF

Vivian and I made the most of our time in San Francisco. We visited with FT and Kochhi and their families. We fleetingly thought of going to museums and visiting a couple of colleges but neither of those happened. We went to Monterey and walked along the beach, and drove to Healdsburg for a glass of Pinot and dinner. We walked from the Tenderloin up Nob Hill, through China Town, along Columbus Avenue to Washington Square and then carried on to Fisherman’s Wharf. We chatted, chilled, read, (I worked), and relaxed. We got boba tea at By Me Boba, fucking amazing crab at R & G lounge, and freshly made onigiri at Onigilly. We met one Uber driver who essentially told us the entire contents of his master’s thesis, and met another one who is a retired female police officer from Nepal. We meant to not do much and we did that admirably. As my friend George would say, Mission Accomplished.

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