The Beaches of RI

Our trips to Alu and Michelle’s every summer revolve around grilling and chatting and walking along the sea wall or the lovely arc of town beach and this year was no different, except that both Alu and I worked – which felt very normal and very weird at the same time. We still visited Brickley’s a sufficient number of times and enough salmon and steak was grilled. The weather was mostly great, especially compared to the hottest June on record in Austin, and we spent quite a bit of time around Alu and Michelle’s new back patio and fire pit – including an evening of making s’mores.

During one of our walks on the beach Alu and I reminisced about our childhood trips to Puri beach and our lovely stays at the BNR hotel, with their vast collection of silverware – the salad fork and the meat fork and the fish fork and knowing which was what. My dad taught us to swim over the waves or into/under the breakers depending on how they were about to break and the four of us spent many happy hours upon hours swimming and walking along the beach.

I reflected that we have spent every summer at the beautiful beaches around here – at Narragansett, Scarborough, Judith, and East Matunuck. Vivian and then Evan started out as babies in Jo and my tight grasps and then under our watchful eye. Now they stroll along the sands, plunging into the waves at will. Thank you, Rhode Island.

And Alu & Michelle!

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