The Land of the Thundering Dragon! For this post my author is Evan. Here is his essay followed by a thousand photos:

Hello, my name is Evan. I am traveling around the world with my family and Bhutan is the 13th country I’ve gone to so far. Bhutan is my favorite place. Bhutan is a place to the east of India in the foothills of the Himalays and its very very mountainous. It’s between India and China. I went with my Mom, sister, Dad and my dads friends, Sahiti and Sharath.      

The food there is basically anything with cheese and chilies, a lot of chilies.There were red chilies drying in the sun on the roofs of houses everywhere. Bhutan is a democracy but there is a king. He has no power and the prime minister of Bhutan runs  the country .It’s very complicated. Bhutan is also unusual because it measures Gross National Happiness which is how happy the people are.

We went rafting on a river called the Mo Chhu and hiked up to a place called Tiger’s Nest, which is a Buddhist monastery on top of a mountain. We saw a lot of forts and temples too. I liked Bhutan because it was very clean, there were really good views and I really liked hiking and rafting!

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