The Phallus

I’m not going to be a dick. Pictures first.

While pictures, paintings, and sculptures of phalluses in Bhutan bring out a giggling 11 year old boy in everyone, there is a story. Here’s an abridged version from the official plaque at the Chime Lhakhang monastery in Lobesa.

Lam Drupka (1455 to 1570) [not my typo] was an enlightened Buddhist Master who personified the true essence of the Vajrayana Tradition of Buddhism that is also known as “Crazy Wisdom”. This is the profound wisdom that transcends the mundane cultures of religion. Devotees fondly call him the “Devine Madman” because of his outrageous style of teaching. He indulged in song and dance, alcohol and women, hunting and feasting. He was a social critic who taunted the hypocrisy of established order including the monastic order. The use of his phallus as a “flaming thunderbolt” symbolizes the discomfort that society experiences when faced with the naked truth.

Jo and Vivian bought smaller than life size wooden phalluses as souvenirs. Or to use as flaming thunderbolts.

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