We usually do Easter pretty well. It used to include Pastor Scott’s service for Nicolle’s church at the outdoor pavilion at Slumber Falls, an egg hunt with the cousins, photos in the blue bonnets, and a huge family dinner. I often look back at my previous Easter posts for some of the cutest photos of the kids with their Grandma. Here are some memories from 2010, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2018, and my favorite Easter photo of Vivian and Evan from 2015.

This year the older kids organized and ran the egg hunt, and the adults restricted ourselves to celebrating with a stupor-inducing dinner. Carol is recovering from her knee replacement surgery, and perhaps in a show of strength, we didn’t step foot outside. So no pretty photos of the family in Easter outfits sitting amongst the blue bonnets. Instead I do have a stunning picture of a loaf of bread that Vivian and Grace baked. And an amazing photo of Vivian with her floral wreath.

Happy Easter.

Speaking of which, the back in 1993, Alabama banned their public schools from allowing yoga. The kids in PE class can stretch but have to use English names for the poses. And saying Namaste is also banned. Recently an Alabama lawmaker tried to get the law repealed, saying that he was a devout Christian and practicing yoga has not made him less Christian. One group protesting against the repeal argued that teaching yoga violates the constitution’s Establishment Clause. The repeal failed. Whew. I’m so glad to see a conservative group work hard to make sure religion doesn’t spread it’s tentacles into our public education system. And did I really say Happy Easter? I am less atheist now. Jesus! It works.

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