Port A

This time of the year is particularly hard on the weekend calendar. Evan’s soccer ramps up. There is Easter and the Rosedale Ride. It is birthday season with Jo’s birthday, Karen’s birthday, Evan’s birthday, and Michelle’s birthday. Then there is Mother’s Day. And I’m sure there are other events lurking quietly only to leap out unannounced on a Saturday morning. So we got a head start on screwing up the calendar and went to Port Aransas for an early celebration of Jo’s birthday.

We had a lovely time. Ouiser, our water loving baby didn’t. Turns out she isn’t a beach puppy. She loves playing in the sand but wants nothing to do with the waves. We think she thinks the water is out to attack her.

Port A has it all – a bay side, fine sand, hours of sunshine, and a gently sloping gulf beach that is miles long. But we need to be reminded every few years that somehow these elements come together in North Padre in a less than perfect combination. And then there are the trucks. Texans legally drive on the beach which flattens out the sand and reduces the usable width of the beach to less than half even at low tide.

But the kids had a great time boogie boarding and Ouiser took lots of walks along the beach far away from the attacking water and we celebrated Jo’s birthday.

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