Evan Graduates

Evan graduated at the end of the school year.

Many of Evan’s friends who have shared classrooms and lunch tables and recess all these years are now headed in different directions. But his middle school building is just across a parking lot where, in August, he will rejoin about two thirds of his mates. Not much will change. In fact he expressed his cynicism about this graduation business. “I don’t know why we are celebrating. I mean, you dropped me off at school every morning. Of course I graduated”.

Then he got a buzz cut that he and I have been campaigning for, and we dropped him off at summer camp. Two weeks of no devices and no air conditioning and staying dressed in his swim trunks most days. He was very brown and visibly taller when we picked him up. Also, he had lost his voice. He loses his voice every year at summer camp. This year though, he proudly and hoarsely whispered, he had lost it by the end of the very first afternoon.

There is reason to celebrate for growing up another year during a rather unusual year. Congratulations, kiddo.

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