And Vivian Graduates

Vivian graduated a few days after Evan. Hers was marginally more momentous. She finished middle school. Her high school could not be more different than her old school. And she is the only one among her friend who is headed there.

Here’s a video that Jo took on her iPhone from the 8th row of the church where Vivian spoke at graduation. The audio quality sucks. Vivian did a good job. She didn’t share her speech with us beforehand so we didn’t know what to expect. Thankfully her favorite writing teacher did take a look at it and made some minor changes. Like using “excited” instead of “horny”.

Vivian’s school had planned a nice ice cream social outside on the lawns after graduation. Friends, faculty, and parents mingled one last time. It is sweet to see the goodwill and friendships that surrounded Vivian and her friends here. And like I did and still do for HPS, they feel a very strong sense of connectedness with the school and the community here.

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