Post Pandemic Travel

We dropped this gal off at doggy camp for a few weeks of high distraction training / boarding vacation early this morning and then got dropped off at the airport ourselves.

I should be worrying about flying with germs floating in the air. The flight from Austin to Chicago was one hundred percent full. The gates at Midway where we are waiting to board the flight to Providence are packed tighter than sardine cans while most of the rest of the airport is relatively empty. Almost everyone is in masks though you occasionally see more than one nose poking above and beyond. But instead I’m worrying about Ouiser. Did she get enough playtime today? Who gave her a belly rub? Hope they remember to scratch her chin in the morning. And most of all, what is going through her doggy brain. Either that she’s been deserted or we’re about to walk in and get her.

This is the first time the kids or I have been on an airplane since March 16 2020 when we landed in Austin after a marathon set of flights from Temuco to Santiago to Toronto to Austin. I still stare out of airplane windows like a five year old. Here are a couple of photos coming into Chicago.

The kids fell back into travel mode but they have more devices this time around. Vivian is constantly on her phone, snapping or listening to music while Evan is carting his large gaming laptop around and playing Minecraft in airports.

We got delayed in Chicago but we just boarded our flight to Providence. We’ll be at Alu’s by midnight insha allah.

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