The Last Two Months in Pictures

Getting too lazy to write.

So here’s an update mostly in pictures. We went to the coast (before the NY trip but I never got to blog about it). Carol got her new she-shed delivered. Halloween was fun. Evan was Loki – which isn’t surprising, and Vivian made an elaborate hat and was a poisonous mushroom which was even less surprising. Jen visited Austin over Halloween (and we finally got our new oven just in time). Alu and Michelle came for a quick trip for the Stones concert. Vivian had her first high school dance and finished her first finals week at school (a rite of passage apparently, though she seemed very unconcerned). We’ve hardly seen her since – she is out there perfecting the post-exam partying thing. Oh – and she had her first official with-complete-strangers-kids babysitting gig. Evan finished his term rather well and for what seems like the first time, he gives a shit. His grade in science and a couple of other subjects were what his teacher called the “walks-on-water grade”, so Evan is temporarily in the throes of Big Head syndrome. Ouiser is doing well. She loves her morning walks that end in Turkey Creek or Bull Creek with a nice swim. In the evening she socializes with friends at Rosedale school. I know Ouiser’s friends’ parents better than I know most of Vivian and Evan’s friends’ parents. Zeus is alive and well. For Thanksgiving she has traveled to Canyon Lake to be with family. Jo and I are mostly fulfilling our roles as free Uber drivers. Once a while we get to see each other between our respective rides, especially now that SUP board season is over. While on the topic of rides, I need to mention that what is saving our lazy asses is Vivian’s ride to school. A conscientious teacher who lives close by takes five students from here to school every morning. Bless her heart.

So, pictures.

Here’s some humor to go with your turkey. Happy Thanksgiving.

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