And Another Month in Pictures

Laziness begets laziness, or something biblical like that. Here’s the last month in pictures, again. Writing is for the birds. I should just blog in TikTok.

So here’s the summary. Fall arrived in Austin. Thanksgiving happened. Vivian is still making high school look easy. Evan’s soccer team played well at the Bat City Tournament. We got our Christmas tree earlier than we ever do, and bigger than we ever have. Ouiser went on epic walks. Zeus lent her support to the fledgling start-up by purring very loudly during zoom meetings. Vivian and her girlfriend broke up. Evan dressed up in tails and a top hat for time-travel-Tuesday at school. Jen visited for a weekend of low key fun. Vivian got braces again. Evan got a guitar from our friend Chris and is going to teach himself to play. Jo found us a last minute trip and we are in Telluride for a week.

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