Time to catch the blog up. Winter break ended and the kids with less fur went back to school. That gave the rest of us time to hang out and chill. Phineas and Ouiser are getting along like best friends. They play all the time. Ouiser’s walks are getting slightly less frequent because the head dog walker is otherwise engaged in the world of generative AI and non-generative video.

The kids and us had reason to find our formal clothes a few times. Vivian went to her school dance with her friends and a date. Evan went to his school dance and an all-day model UN session at Southwestern University. Jo and I dressed up for a couple of galas. Vivian and her friend were invited back as alums to speak at her school gala and they ended up doing a fantastic job and raising some serious money. And then we dressed up again in Florida for Praveen’s 60th bash where we met up with Alu and Michelle.

Vivian, our sweet first born, turned 16. Jo and I quietly celebrated keeping another human alive for sixteen years. Vivian got her friends together at a trampoline place and had a great time (we’d have to go to these places 10 years ago for her classmates’ birthday parties). If Vivian was a whiskey I’d say she is complex and layered with strong notes of creativity and hints of sarcasm. Pairs well with citrus and spice. The finish can be confident but sometimes drier than you may expect. Never straightforward but a warm and funny16 year old that should continue to mature very well. Also, learning to drive. So watch out, world. I couldn’t be prouder, child. I can’t wait to see you lead your life everyday. As I write this post many months after her birthday (it’s the middle of April), Vivian has been way for an arts fair in Fort Worth with her school for the last three days.

We were on our way back from Florid and at the airport. Vivian asked Evan to make the Zoolander face. This is what Evan did. I’m dying laughing.

Earlier this spring after a few minutes of coaxing, Evan decided to play a sport not called soccer. He and I went to Dick’s and bought his first ever basketball. A week later I watched him play for his school and make his first steal/basket. He was pumped.

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